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TSD-i intelligent till skimming device

The TSDi is a unique,intelligent based till authentication, counting, denominating and skimming security device. With our TSDi installed your staff can quickly and easily deposit excess cash from the till and secure it immediately. Alternatively notes can be deposited directly, on receipt straight into the TSDi.

This is how it works:

Cashier(s) feeds notes from the till (or directly) via the note validator whereupon they are stacked in a tamper evident secure bag. Frequency of skimming is dependent on a retailer's existing procedures, security measures and insurance policy limits.

At the 'end of day' (or whenever the retailer chooses) the bag is welded and removed prior to taking to a back office for collection by a CIT. In some instances the CIT company removes the bag and then inserts a new bag.

The bags are normally bar-coded for identification and tracking purposes.

Cash Dynamics patented vacuum bagging module enables our low cost bags to be easily loaded into the TSDi with minimal fuss. The tamper-evident weld being exceedingly secure.

Typically in a retailer environment, cash is handled three to six times each day. With this closed-loop solution cash need only be handled once (by the depositing cashier)as when it is removed from the device it is CIT or bank ready.

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