Payment Module Development

Cash Dynamics were approached by the UK’s leading coffee vending manufacturing to develop a payment module for coins, notes and card payment for their new coffee machine.

The initial approach was made in October 2016 whereby Cash Dynamics designed and produced the first prototype for testing within 6 weeks. Since then, we have gone on to produce a number of units that have been installed into both their development centre and head office. Our Cash Dynamics units have gone through continuous test programmes with excellent feedback.

The development has grown to design a side mounted cabinet (bulge) to house the payment module. In addition, a number of units have been manufactured for field evaluation, the complete coffee machine along with the payment module and side bulge are soon due to be installed into a number of public service places.

Security Solutions

Cash Dynamics have been approached to design and manufacture a number of safe and secure solutions, these include the following:

  • Personnel lockers
  • Secure underground storage cabinets
  • Internal safe locking storage devices

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Bag Manufacture Update

Cash Dynamics are known for our research and development into tamper evident bags for the cash industry, frequently recognised by a number of OEM’s.

We’re very pleased to announce that 2016 saw this develop into a business of manufacturing bags for a variety of end user systems for both customer’s internal use and CIT’s.

Low Cost Bag Solution

Cash Dynamics go Global!

In the last eight years, Cash Dynamics has spent a considerable amount of time and effort in bringing both their innovative low-cost vacuum bagging solution and note bag compressor unit to the point where they are ready to launch to the global marketplace.

We pride ourselves on listening to the customer who, in this case, was asking for a low cost consumable bag. Cash Dynamics identified that the general market as a whole could benefit from a Low Cost Tamper evident Bag.

As a result, we have been approached by a number of cash devise manufacturers globally in relation to our low cost bagging solutions, some of these markets include North America, Mexico, South Africa, Italy, Hungary, Malta and the UK.


Projects & Developments

October 2012

Cash Dynamics Ltd develop a solution for
CashGuard AB


Cash Dynamics Limited has successfully developed a CIT cash collection and secure bagging module for the Swedish company CashGuard AB.

CashGuard currently has some 20,000 cash management systems at check-outs throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

Cash Dynamics’ secure bagging module is a component of Presidio – CashGuard’s closed cash handling system. In order to discharge cash securely from the check outs during business hours or at close of business, Cash Guard have evolved a hand held machine called Note Mover M1 that collects, counts and transports the notes from the checkouts to the Note Deposit R2. The Note Deposit R2 is an intelligent safe that tracks deposit amounts and automatically reports cash deposits to the store manager. The Note Mover M1 is clipped onto the Note Deposit R2 so that the notes can be fed directly into the safe to form a `closed loop` management of the cash.

CashGuard wanted to discharge the notes into secure bags within the safe for CIT collection, and requested the assistance of Cash Dynamics Ltd to achieve this.

The Cash Dynamics Module:

Cash Dynamics have designed a twin-bag module that fits into the Note Deposit R2 – which is a CEN 3 rated safe, using disposable tamper-evident plastic bags.

For ease of loading, the module slides out of the safe on runners and either one or two bags can be inserted into stations within the module. Correct placement of the bags is ensured by sensors and status lights. On closure of the safe door, each bag chamber is available to receive and stack notes. This part of the device is patent pending for Cash Dynamics.

When the bag(s) status has been checked, a signal is sent to the host computer to allow bag filling externally by the NoteMover M1. The bag(s) are constantly monitored for fill level and on reaching a pre-set level, again communicate with the host computer, keeping the store manager informed of cash levels in real time.

When a bag is ready for pick-up by the CIT Company, it is removed through a lever mechanism that seals the bag and releases it from the module. A number of security devices prevent any remaining bags from being fished whilst the safe door is open. Thus bags can be changed at will and replenished for maximum CIT efficiency.

November–December 2011

Marks & Spencer partners with Cash Dynamics in creating a bespoke cash solution

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