Directors' Profiles

Profiles of the four directors of Cash Dynamics Ltd

Ray Belcher – Managing Director

For over 20 years Ray has worked in and then run TPSM, a successful sheet metal contract manufacturer which, over the last 10 years, has had a bias towards the cash security market for car parking equipment and the banking market. Cash Dynamics was his brainchild. Ray brought together the other members of the team to form the company. 


Paul Heathcote – Business Development & Strategy

An international business developer, contract winner and strategist with over 25 years experience in the cash industry at director level. Paul has a comprehensive understanding of the banking, CIT, retail and associated sectors and is a former member of APACS Cash Strategy Group.

Previous roles:

  • Managing Director at Glory UK
  • Head of Cash & Currency Services at Abbey (Santander)
  • Regional Director at De La Rue Limited
  • European Director at CSI Incorporated
  • Head of Sales at Inter Innovation Limited & De La Rue 


Bob Wright – Design

Bob started his engineering career in the MOD and, over a period of 20 years, progressed from design draughtsman to design office manager engaged in rocket motor research. The experience gained through so many varied and unique projects gave him the confidence to `think out of the box` whenever established solutions became unsuitable.

In 1990 he was appointed product designer for Alpa Industries, a company producing security and cash handling equipment for the financial market. By fully applying his knowledge of mechanisms, ballistics and electronics, Alpa was able to market over the 10 years of his employment, a number of effective security products. Many are still in use today in high street banks and have been seen on TV programs such as Crimewatch and the News.

For 5 years Bob ran his own company (SDM) producing banking equipment and, in 2004, won the Barclays Bank contract for a large number of quick deposit machines now commonplace across UK branches.

Bob joined TPSM in 2005 working on the enhancement of security designs to to a wide range of products including especially secure parking machines.


Terry Belcher – Administration

A graduate in Economics, Terry has partnered his brother Ray (q.v.) for the last 15 years and has supported the TPSM and Cash Dynamics businesses in terms of system requirements, financial administration as well as the necessary adherence of legal and financial frameworks.

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