The Cash Dynamics secure tamper evident bags are currently being used by a top 5 UK retailer and an international CiT company and are used in conjunction with our TSD-1000 product range and other products. The bag is designed to carry notes and the unique black plastic window is a patented feature.

The bag itself is made of a tough plastic material and is securely attached to a black plastic window-frame arrangement that allows the notes to enter the bag for storage and onward transportation. For the cash to be collected a security device is introduced into the window-frame which then allows removal of the bag with all the cash inside. In addition, the bag is tamper evident and secure. In other words the only way to access the cash is to rip the bag open thereby giving evidence of tampering.

The bags can then be moved to the cash office for opening and counting or sent via CIT for processing and this is why we see the Cash Dynamics bag appealing to many different retailers.

All Cash Dynamics bag solutions will accept sufficient notes to be cost-effective and to comply with cross pavement insurance limits.

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Cash Harvester Bag

The Cash Harvester bag is made from a durable plastic and is a simple design with an open top arrangement with no plastic security device. This inevitably keeps the cost per bag down.

Our patented and unique Cash Harvester machine seals the bag using a method of heat sealing within the process time of the machine itself. For more information please refer to the Current Developments section.

All Cash Dynamics bag solutions will accept enough notes to be a cost-effective solution but also not too many to overstep insurance and pavement limits.


Bespoke Bag Development Project

Cash Dynamics were commissioned to design a tamper evident bag that sits within a well-known Teller Cash Recycler (TCR). This was to avoid the cassette device within the TCR itself being moved via CIT’s and possible damage occurring.

The bag is printed with appropriate livery and is made of a durable plastic with a plastic frame arrangement that accepts notes in the orientation that the TCR presents them to the bag.

Please refer to the Bespoke link on the home page of this site for an insight into what Cash Dynamics can offer in terms of understanding your issues and how together we may best solve them.

All Cash Dynamics bag solutions will accept enough notes to be both cost-effective and comply with cross pavement insurance limits.


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